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Maxx is a part time independent game developer and a full time game nerd. Direct gaming related queries to @MaxxGolbraykh

Check out his game project Happy Chess (#HappyChess)

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Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands (PS4) Review

Ghost Recon: Wildlands promises a bombastic co-op adventure through an open world, South American landscape. It promises tactical prowess through nuanced stealth and team coordination mechanics. An experience where every situation can be approached in dozens of ways with consideration towards light, sound, weather and many other factors. I’m happy to say that in these regards Wildlands […]

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Hokkaido, Japan – Hitman’s Season Finale Review

Welcome to Hokkaido, Japan, 47. Mission codename: Situs Inversus. Situs Inversus is a rare medical condition where a person’s organs exist on the opposite side of their body. In theme with the mission name, this assignment is often the reverse of what we’ve come to expect. Hokkaido, Japan The mission is set in a private hospital facility […]

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XCOM 2 (PS4) Review

If you’re a fan of the strategy game XCOM franchise, you likely already know what to expect. I can tell you that XCOM 2 is bigger and better than it’s predecessor in every way, and leave it at that. However, if you’ve never played XCOM before, let me tell you what you’re in for. The Glory […]

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The Talos Principle Review: A Philosophy Gaming Masterpiece

Those Age Old Questions Growing up in the late 90’s, you probably remember a time before the two Matrix sequels muddied the waters of the franchise. The original Matrix film struck an entertaining chord while exploring age old philosophical questions. Plato’s allegory of the cave and other facet’s of the Matrix narrative were not new to me when I first […]

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Hitman Episode 4: Thailand Review

Rock Stars and Lawyers Hitman Episode 4 is out and it is beautiful. Taking place in Bangkok, Thailand, this new setting greets players with an incredible view. As you approach the Thailand hotel, the richness of the surrounding vistas feels distinctly rich and unique. The setting sunlight dances across the golden temples and skims over the water. This […]

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