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I'm a passionate cinephile who prefers the dark interiors of the movieplexes to the beautiful outdoors. You can find me with a grin and a bucket of popcorn at the movies or here in our Movies section!

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Rage (Tokarev): Funny bad or just plain awful?

“How deep do you want this to go? -“How deep is hell?” The laughable lines are delivered partway through Rage. One would hope that the conversation was a self-aware, winking nod towards the audience. But as Rage continuous down the path of film hell, it becomes unfortunately clear that this film is a stinker. Rage […]

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Anime Monday: Redline

Let’s change gears, drive away from the character driven Anime we have been discussing, and careen into this week’s Anime Monday flick: Redline. Set in an weird universe populated by humans, aliens, robots, talking dogs, and all sorts of odd creatures, our hero Sweet JP is immersed in the world of racing. Unlike our Nascar, […]

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Longest Movie ever has 72 minute Trailer

Please do not be confused by the run time displayed on the video. The 72 minute marker and the moniker “short teaser” are labeled correctly. As reported on The Film Stage, filmmaker Anders Weberg has released the teaser trailer for his upcoming film Ambiancé on Vimeo. The description call his latest project a ‘film memoir’ […]

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Anime Monday: 5 Centimeters Per Second

Animation has come a long way. Most anime’s with a solid production budget can turn out great looking works. 5 Centimeters Per Second– blows all other films out of the water- and might possibly be the most gorgeously animated film in existence. A young girl and boy become inseparable friends at a young age. In […]

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Snowpiercer: Go See This!

Looking for an alternative to Transformers and Tammy this 4th of July weekend? Consider Snowpiercer. Korean filmmaker Joon-Ho Bong makes his English-language debut film with a worthy entry into the sci-fi genre. In a world not unlike our own, the human population has polluted the Earth with green house gases. The threat of climate change […]

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