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Should We Take Superheroes Seriously?

Superheroes are a cornerstone of the comics medium. To the mainstream, they may as well be the same thing. Over their 75 or so years of existence, the concept and execution of super people has changed a dozen times over. Today, while it’s fair to say that there’s an undeniable self-deprecating tone to the super-landscape, […]

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Four Additional Members for Gotham City Sirens

Earlier this week I got real sick. Deathly, deathly ill. Days in bed, shivers, sweats, multiple pleadings with higher powers. I’m talking serious bathroom time. And through it all, through all the pain and nausea, it still ended up being a better experience than watching Suicide Squad. Bad news, though, folks. WB’s Hot Topic Guardians […]

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Is Grant Morrison Actually Magic?

No. Not in the Merlin sense, anyway. He thinks he is. I’m not convinced. Truth be told, I am and have always been a huge fan of Grant Morrison. He’s not without his issues, sure, and he’s had as many misses as he’s had hits, but I’ve been wowed by pretty much all I’ve read. […]

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Five Marvel Characters Changed By Their Movies

Comic books have always had a weird, give-and-take relationship with their cinematic counterparts. For the most part, comics take one or two items from their adaptions and incorporate it into their look and feel. Marvel, I think, has always been the biggest sinner in this. The X-Men, for example, got pretty dark costumes in the […]

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Three Titles to Replace Tom King’s Vision

Tom King’s The Vision is probably one of the best books Marvel has put out in over a decade. Better than most of the things the Big Two has put out. Even stands up to most comics in general. It’s a really awesome take on an otherwise underutilized character. I’ve written more on it if […]

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