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The Legend of Korra – Peacekeepers Review: The Action Increases in Another Great Episode

In another standout episode, Korra goes to the president of Republic City to rally troops for the war, Mako makes an interesting discovery, and Bolin becomes a star! 

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Beware the Batman – Instinct review: A Kid’s Show Remains Less Than OK

Pyg and Toad are back! And this time they’re attacking the fashion industry! That’s the only good thing that happens this week on a boring show.

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Eastbound & Down Review – Chapter 22: Kenny Powers is Back, as a Dad?

Kenny Powers is back! An unexpected fourth season introduces more elements to the Eastbound universe, including Kenny Powers with kids! 

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The Legend of Korra – Civil Wars Pt. 2 Review: The Avatar Starts a War!

Avatar Korra ends up igniting a civil war between the South and North water tribe. Will her nefarious uncle’s plots for dominance be stopped?

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Beware the Batman – Sacrifice Review: Batman vs. Bioterrorism

Batman and Katana fight Anarky and Lady Shiva over a powerful virus that turns you into a zombie hulk. Fun stuff! 

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