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Space Engineers Hands-On: More Than Lego In Space

Far off planet stationed deep within the recesses of a galaxy where few humans dare to venture and fewer dare to survive rests the realm of the brave and bold Space Engineers.  For those living within the interplanetary divide survival is a far greater struggle than for those nestled in the bosom of life.  Even […]

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Assetto Corsa Hands-On: A High Performance Euro Circuit Racing Simulator

In the realm of PC racing simulators exist two kingdoms; commercial sims for racing teams and consumer sims for gamers and enthusiasts.  For the gamers and enthusiasts there have been a number of options that have come of age throughout the past two decades; Gran Turismo for the Playstation faithful, Forza Motorsport for the Xbox […]

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Interceptor Entertainment and 3D Realms Unveil New IP Bombshell

Following the wake of a lawsuit filed by Gearbox over unauthorized use of the Duke Nukem intellectual property; Interceptor Entertainment and 3D Realms have finally brought to life a concept character from the 1990s.  Known as Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison, the tough and gritty heroine is the protagonist for the upcoming isometric shooter Bombshell. Though details on the […]

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Tom Clancy’s The Division Now Slated for 2015 Release

Gearing up for E3 next month Ubisoft issued a few press releases touting Watch Dogs and revealing that Far Cry 4 is in the works.  However, tucked away in the news section for Tom Clancy’s The Division website another piece of newsworthy information surfaced; the game won’t see release until 2015. “Today we announced that […]

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New Watch Dogs Trailer Introduces Cast of Characters

It has been a trailer load of a week for Ubisoft, with new videos showcasing Valiant Hearts: The Great War released a couple days ago.  Today Ubisoft released yet another trailer for this week, one that shows off the cast of characters in their upcoming sandbox action adventure title, Watch Dogs. Mixing hacking with the […]

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