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Ruben Rosario is the head editor of the Movie Department at Entertainment Fuse. He co-hosts The Plot Hole, with Simon Brookfield and has a major love for cinema, comics and anime.

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David Fincher currently off of Steve Jobs BioPic

The Hollywood Reporter has announced that David Fincher is now currently out of the running for the Steve Jobs biopic, that was to be made by Sony Pictures. The film was to reunite writer Aaron Sorkin and producer Scott Rudin, which would reunite the same trio that made The Social Network, the biopic of Mark Zuckerburg […]

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Short Peace Review

With a variety of styles and a wealth of different kinds of stories, anime anthology films have always resonated with me. From their strengths in short form narratives, to the sense of style that a filmmaker can showcase, anime anthologies help to illustrate the power of the anime medium. One filmmaker that has always made […]

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Battlestar Galactica feature film is gearing up at Universal

After having multiple TV series, it seems as though Battlestar Galactica will soon again become part of geek consciousness. Variety reports that a feature film version is once again in the works, who is currently being scribed by Transcendence screenwriter, Jack Paglen. The original series creator Glen Larson, is also onboard as a producer for the film.     […]

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The Raid 2 Review: A Sequel for the Ages

Gareth Evans has left an indelible mark on action cinema and graced the action genre with his latest entry in The Raid series. While he certainly made it a point for him to be paid attention to, with The Raid, but with The Raid 2: Berandal, Evans utilizes every single facet of filmmaking in order […]

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Denis Villeneuve’s Enemy Review: An Unforgettable Thriller.

Denis Villeneuve’s Enemy is both one of the most satisfying experiences and terrifying experiences I’ve had in a movie theater in a really long time. From the strange opening scene of a group of men watching a woman masturbate, to the final image that about defies any expectations going in, this doppelgänger thriller is sure […]

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