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Shameless – Survival of the Fittest Review: Perfect Endings and Exciting Beginnings

Seriously, Shameless, quit making us all cry. The finale is utter perfection.

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Shameless – Order Room Service Review: A Solid Set-Up for the Finale

While it wasn’t perfect, the second-to-last episode does provide crucial steps to ending the season with a bang.

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“Psych” Asks Fans to Vote on 100th Episode

USA is letting viewers decide the outcome of the comedy-drama’s celebratory 100th episode.

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Bryan Cranston’s ‘Breaking Bad’ Script Stolen

Could this mean a potential leak of the upcoming installment in the series? We’ll soon find out.

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Shameless – Civil Wrongs Review – Is Reality Boring?

The latest episode is sweet and uncharacteristically realistic. So why does it still feel so unsatisfying?

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