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The Plot Hole: Episode 136 – The Expendables 3, Calvary, TMNT and More

Jump to Last Week’s Episode This week on The Plot Hole we have got a feast of movie goodness including some brief new tidbits before we dive deep into the main course of movie review which include those for newcomer The Expendables 3, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles which is still number one in North America, Calvary with Brendan Gleeson, Brit import The Inbetweeners […]

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The Plot Hole: Episode 135 – Everything Guardians of the Galaxy

This week on The Plot Hole we look at everything Guardians of the Galaxy, including a review of the film itself, why Marvel was able to pull off such an obscure property and where the future of these films are headed. We will also look into the high profile leak of The Expendables 3 and what it could […]

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Oculus DVD Review

Deftly straddling the line between haunted house horror film and twisting psychological thriller, Oculus is a meticulous, intelligent and ultimately chilling exercise. To boot, it maintains moodiness and boasts a core human element to keep everything supported. Praise must be given to its stars and director in turn, but perhaps even more so to the […]

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Trailer-Pocalypse: New Clips Debut For Interstellar, Hunger Games 3.1, The Hobbit 3, Mad Max: Fury Road and More

Can there really be too much of a good thing? I suppose that would all hinge upon what someone viewed as a good thing to begin with, but let me immediately digress and answer my own question in regards to movie trailers specifically. The answer is no. Thanks to Comic-Con striking San Diego and the […]

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Exclusive Interview With the Creators of ‘Predator: Dark Ages’

On the heels of great internet driven fan films tackling everything from Batman to Mortal Kombat (and recent news director Shane Black is tapped to continue on with the Predator franchise) Entertainment Fuse talks with director James Bushe and producer/director of photography Simon Rowling on their upcoming short film Predator: Dark Ages. We share a […]

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