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Ray Donovan – Same Exactly Review: Season One Comes To A Pleasant Surprise Of An Ending

Things really start to heat up as the first season of Ray Donovan comes to a close. The end of the episode results in a shootout and Ray is able to make home to his family safely by the end of the episode. It doesn’t look we will be hearing from Sully anymore either, luckily.

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Breaking Bad Extends The Length of Final Two Episodes

Breaking Bad is officially extending the length of its final two episodes to 75 minutes. The news comes from a tweet from Peter Gould, co-producer and writer of the show. It looks the intensity of Walt and Jesse’s final standoff will last for even longer.

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Jennifer Garner’s The Whole Shebang Comes To FOX

Jennifer Garner is returning to television, but she will be behind the screen this time. She is producing a new show called The Whole Shebang, focusing on a newly single soccer mom who inherits a male strip club. She finds herself at the center of a dysfunctional family, struggling to take charge of her life. 

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The Newsroom – Election Night Part 2: A Satisfying End to an Excellent Season

Election night continues as results pour in and drama continues at the station. No one is resigning by the end of the episode and Reese announces that Jerry is not going to get a dime of their money until a court rules. Love is in the air as Will reveals his feelings for Mack and Sloan lets Don know how she feels about him.

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Ray Donovan – Bucky F**kin Dent Review: Secrets Revealed As The Priest Returns

Ray is forced to take care of things and talks over the situation with Ezra. Bunchy messes up and accidentally shoots the priest, causing him, Terry and Ray to have to deal with it. Frank also finds out about Ray’s connection to Sean Walker, thinking that his murder could be tied to Ray somehow. 

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