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Project Natal Quick Overlook

There has been a lot of buzz about Project Natal and what it will mean for the future of gaming.  For those who don’t already know somehow, Natal is Microsoft’s new toy that takes a camera and makes you the controller.  So everything you do reacts on screen, making your entire body put to use in the game and your voice.  Obviously this is a direct response to Nintendo’s Wii and its motion controller, but there are a lot of people worried about what this could mean for the industry.  Hardcore gamers aren’t usually found on the Wii due to the lack of complexity of most of the games on this consul.  Which makes people wonder, will Microsoft’s attempt of gaining the attention of those who never play games make them lose sight of the true gamers?  Will they stop making games with controllers overtime and strictly use Natal?  Most likely the answer is no, but people are worried if this new concept with ruin games that are most likely better off without Natal use.

First person shooters are probably the biggest concern, trying to implicate Natal into them is a challenge.  We are all interested to see how they handle it and if they can make it work will, can it possible revolutionize one of the most popular genres?  Only time will tell and there hasn’t been much information about games coming out for Natal.  They’ve talked about Fable III, Alan Awake, Burnout Paradise, and Project Natal Paint Party/Meet Milo/Ricochet.   This list is very short and they’ve been short on any real details, but it’s still very early in their production so expect this list to explode with games before launch. 

Whatever your thoughts of Natal are, this is the future of gaming.  The only question is, will it be a huge success or will it fall to its competitors?  We’ll have to wait near the end of this year to see the answer to that question, but as for any other questions about Project Natal make sure to check back at Player Affinity to get the scope of all the new details.


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