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Proof That Treyarch Hasn’t Forgotten Black Ops

With every online shooter that over-shadows its preceding iteration, there’s always the fear that the hard earned 60 bucks you spent on last month's shooter has finally run out. This is especially true if you’ve paid for any of the recent, much-reviled, online passes.  But Treyarch isn’t letting their mysterious, emotional, Vietnam drama drown in obscurity quite yet. That’s why the developers are starting up another Double XP weekend for Call of Duty Black Ops for everyone who hasn’t quite moved on to Modern Warfare 3 yet.

Along with that, come February 10th, another 24/7 Playlist is going to be set up based on user vote for a map. Travel over to the Black Ops Facebook Page to vote for what map is going to be chosen. The three nominees for this 24/7 playlist are the Firing Range, Summit and Stadium

What Treyarch could have to gain from this is strangely absent. Sales have dropped off fairly dramatically and those who own it already own it. It could simply be a legitimate show of consideration toward Black Ops’ fanbase and online players. 


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