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Prototype 2 – A new Day-One DLC standard?

Prototype 2 is a little over 2 months away and today it was announced that a special edition of the game is being released. However this is unlike any other Special Edition that has come before it. Known as the "RADNET Edition" this is going to come with 7 weeks of free DLC releases after purchase.

It's not just a small outfit or a special one time use item but seven solid weeks of content. This includes over 55 pieces of DLC that range from "Behind the Scenes" trailers, to Avatar Items, and Mutations for the game itself.  The most interesting DLC items included however are the events and challenges. By completing them all you will unlock "The Ultimate Mutation".  

The Prototype 2 team are showing what a Developer can do for Day-One DLC as opposed to just a simple items that get made available in a few days for everyone.  This Special Edition feels warranted and the pre-order will secure a copy up until the day before the game releases, which is now scheduled for April 24th. On top of all of this the RADNET Edition is still just 59.99, so no upsell for all of this DLC. 


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