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Prototype 2 Excessive Force DLC Now Available

The second batch of stand alone downloadable content has been released for the game, “Prototype 2” on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace and the Playstation Network. Similar to the first DLC pack known as, “Colossal Mayhem,” the second pack dubbed “Excessive Force”  adds an array of new weaponry and another batch of skins for your travels. Here is a complete list of what the pack has to offer:

Force Multiplier Powers:
-Chaos Creator Mode
-Medusa’s Wrath

Custom Skins:
-  Armoured Heller
- Agile Armour Alex Mercer
-  Zombie Mercer

There's also the Viral Infector Grenade Launcher. Be warned though, all of these DLC bonuses besides the skins will not allow you to save your game or earn achievements. The “Excessive Force DLC Pack” is now available on the Xbox Live Market place for 400 Microsoft points and the PlayStation store for 4.99. If you’re having trouble collecting all the needed achievements from the game, CLICK HERE for a comprehensive guide!


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