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Prototype 2 Yellowzone: Blackbox Guide

Prototype 2 was released earlier this month from Radical Entertainment to mostly positive reviews. If you have picked up the game and your having problems with some of those pesky collectables, look no further! 

The collectable of choice in Prototype 2 is black-boxes; small flashing boxes usually found beside dead men that give you a deeper look into the disturbing realities of a world at war with itself...for about 30 seconds before you eviscerate 30 people by linking their insides into a web of organ-spewing death. The game's map is cut into 3 distinctive islands: The Yellow Zone, The Green Zone and The Red Zone. Each of those islands are then subsequently divided into further zones.

Here is a guide to all the black boxes in each of the zones of the Yellow Zone. Enjoy!

Blackboxes: Fairview


Blackboxes: Oakhurst


Blackboxes: Linden Park



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