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PS Move Dated, Priced, Killzone 3 Support Confirmed

The price and release date for the PlayStation Move controller has finally been announced. Move will launch in Europe and America on September 15th and 19th, respectively, and will release in Japan on October 1st. The Move’s “Wii-remote” component will set you back $49.99 and the “Nunchuk” will cost an additional $29.99. If you are more interested in bundles, then $99.99 will land you Sports Champions, a PlayStation Eye, and the Move’s wand.  That bundle is also packaged with the PS3 for $399.99.

PlayStation Move support has also been announced for Killzone 3Killzone 2 was easily one of my favourite titles of 2009, so the prospect of playing the sequel to that title with controls similar to those seen in High Voltage Software’s Wii title The Conduit is very exciting. Having the level of control sensitivity, customization, and ease seen in The Conduit, tied to an already stellar franchise like Killzone is just the kind of thing that has me excited about the PlayStation Move.

Will you be picking up a Move controller this fall?  What titles are you excited for?


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