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PS3 Leading 3D Market in 2011

Most PS3 owners will be excited to know that so far the PS3 leads the market for 3D entertainment in 2011 and that expansion and future adoption on the console is looking very promising. With newly-released titles such as Gran Turismo 5, Killzone 3 and MLB 11: The Show, players have already been introduced to the 3D experience and have seen how it enhances the gameplay. The official PlayStation Blog reports that there will be over 30 stereoscopic 3D titles available for the console by the end of this year, including SOCOM 4: Navy Seals and Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. Naughty Dog, the company behind the Uncharted series, states that having 3D in their game helps to enhance depth of field and some of the game's shooting and cover mechanics.

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Aside from gaming, there are also a number of 3D-capable films and other related media, such as the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2011: 3D sneak peek—which was downloaded some 83,000 times in a single week according to PS Blog. Users can also enjoy 3D Blu-Ray titles and other high-definition 3D content. There's no denying that 3D is here to stay and with more and more manufacturers releasing new 3D products, this could be the year that many people adopt the technology for all of their high-definition needs. For gamers, 2011 is being called the “Year of 3D” and it's clear as to why. With so many developers announcing support for 3D in future releases it's hard to ignore the hype.


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