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PS3 Portal 2 Difficulty Explained by Erik Wolpaw

Valve's Erik Wolpaw had a chat with Joystiq recently to discuss the difficulty questions some players had, as well as discuss minor Steam features that will be on the PlayStation 3.

According to Joystiq, Erik Wolpaw states that "one of the things we learned after releasing Portal 1 was that there were a couple puzzles in Portal 1 that required some sort of twitchy ninja skills to actually execute the solution." He goes on to explain that Valve is pushing for more light bulb clicks than frustrating controller throwing rage fits. According to Valve, a lot of players quit "universally" after running into a few difficult puzzles. Are they dumbing down the puzzles? Actually, they're not. They're trying to rid the game of too many "ninja-ish" features. In other words, you'll spend more time solving puzzles rather than cloning actions found in Mirror's Edge.

While keeping in mind the puzzles are not going to be too difficult, Wolpaw explains that the puzzles will not be easily beaten in ten minutes. Since Valve will be managing some of the DLC for the game, we can expect DLC to be covered using the Steam engine (hopefully, since Valve is excellent at posting free DLC to the community).

If you haven't been keeping up with the game, the ultimate edition of the game is going to be on the PlayStation 3 with Steam-sharing. This means some Steam features will be hitting the PlayStation 3 as well as allowing you to play the PC/Mac version of Steam if you purchase the PlayStation 3.

You can read the entire interview here.


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