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PS3 Skyrim lag to be adressed in 1.4 patch

Good news for anyone that has
encountered any of the lag issues on the PS3 version of Skyrim. It’s been
common knowledge for quite some time now that when playing the PS3 version of
Skyrim, players have encountered crippling frame rate issues where the game
runs at less than 5 frames per second once your game time reaches a certain length or game file a certain size. Which of course, renders it more or less
unplayable for even the most die-hard of fans. 


PS3 players of Skyrim were not too pleased with the performance after playing it for long stretches.

This comes from the official Bethesda
Twitter, but no exact date has been confirmed as of now. All we know at this
point is that the 1.4 patch will release later this month and hopefully, won’t
screw up anything else for the players. One can’t help but think that this is
somewhat overdue seeing as there are people who have been waiting since
November, but better late than never right?


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