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PS3 Update: Faster Trophies and Cloud Saves

PlayStation Network update 3.70 is live and with it comes two big features exclusive to Plus subscribers: instant trophy syncing and cloud saved game data. But sadly for us regular users of PSN, they may as well have not been included. I personally would love to have cloud saves, especially for my aging PS3 with its oh-so tiny and thus near-useless hard drive, but alas I have too many expenses already right now, especially at this point in the year with a ton of big games I have to buy. Nonetheless, this is great news for anyone who does have Plus; it's because of additions like these that really do make the upgraded service compelling.

As far as the universal updates go with 3.70, every PS3 owner can look forward to an improved Cross Media Bar with a new TV and Video category aimed at the use of services like Netflix, Hulu and VUDU. Blu-ray disc playback is also being improved with complete support for lossless audio and 3D-specific movie features.

While I'm all for Sony giving Plus extra components to be more compelling, like making instant trophy updates and cloud saves (one a user convenience and the other a very useful feature for anyone who ever worries about their saved game data or needs to do a backup and transfer at some point), exclusives for those who shell out $50 dollars a month (more in my country) just isn't cool at all.  


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