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PS4 Price Drop For North America Announced, Now $350

"The PS4 is Now $50 Cheaper"
PS4 Shopping Deals: Launch Your Console Right
Sony has officially announced that the PS4 will be cheaper to buy this holiday season. Starting today, the Playstation 4 will be available for $350 USD. This is a $50 price drop and it is the first price drop since the PS4 launched in November 2013.
Recently it was leaked via a Target website ad that he PS4 might be receiving a price drop. And earlier this year Xbox head Phil Spencer said he expected a PS4 price drop in 2015. 
Rumor: PS4 Console To Be Revealed Very Soon
This new price comes as the PS4 continues to have high sale numbers. But the Xbox One is starting to gain momentum and with a decent number of exclusives this year like Halo 5 and Rise of The Tomb Raider, it seems like a smart move on Sony's part to lower the PS4 price.
The PS4 price drop is already activated and you can currently buy the console at the retailer of your choice.


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