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PS4 Shopping Deals: Launch Your Console Right

For most people, $400 bucks down right away is a heavy hit, so when you pick up your brand new Playstation 4, you want to do as much as you can with it ASAP. You don’t want to be hurting so much that you can’t afford games after buying the system. Well for those who have a bit aside for extra games may want to reconsider picking up your games Friday with your console.

Instead, shop today. Many of the PS4 games released Tuesday or even earlier so you don’t have to wait to unwrap and…. look at your new collection. Not only that, there are some great sales going on, so it’d be foolish to miss out.

If you’re looking for games, the best deal is currently from Target, which has a Buy 2 Get 1 Free sale on all their games both in-store and on their site. Amazon is doing the same thing, but their offer only qualifies on select PS4 games and requires the promo code GR8TNESS. Toys R Us is doing different sort of sale though it’s not as good as the Target deal, offering a $50 gift cards whenever you buy 3 games. If you’re looking to get games without paying out of pocket, GameStop is offering 30% more on all trades towards the console and the majority of the launch lineup, so any games, accessories, systems, tablets, smartphones and iPods they accept will be slightly boosted.

And let’s not forget about the PS3 to PS4 upgrade deal on select titles, but some may be confused on how it works. Copies of Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Ghosts and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag for PS3 have a code within it that’ll knock the digital PS4 version to $9.99. The catch with these is that you must keep your PS3 disk and insert it in your PS4 whenever you want to play it. If you already bought the entire game on PSN however, you just need to pay the $10 and redownload it again on your new console. In addition, if you purchase the season pass for any of these games, they’ll eligible to be downloaded to the PS4 at no extra cost.

If you are looking for a PlayStation 4 itself for launch day and don’t want to camp out for mere chances, GameStop may have extra consoles for their midnight opening on Thursday. The trick to that is to ask when their midnight opening starts, which is usually early so call ahead and ask when they are starting to ring people out. Once that begins, you can ask for one of their extra consoles but the only catch is that you’ll have to pick it up at midnight, though that’s not such a big deal for what you’re getting.

So hopefully these deals and tips grant you a new PS4 and some games this week because from here on out, finding the console or a sale as good as this may be few and far between. You don’t want to be that people calling every store for weeks trying to find a system, because you’ll only realize too late that those understood the exigence at hand were able to obtain what they wanted at the prices they wanted.


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