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PSN and Store Releases for 10/5/10

A busy week this week, with some interesting games and add-on appearing on PSN. Enslaved and Castlevania are both worthy store releases, along with NBA 2K11.
Alien Breed: Impact, and Deadliest Warrior: The Game are the two main releases on the Playstation Network. And there are also two more Japanese Playstation 1 classics added this week for those of you who enjoy a bit of an old skool challenge.  

//PS3 Store Releases///

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West — The player takes control of Monkey, who becomes captured by a slave ship. After escaping with his partner they have to battle together to get home.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow — Gabriel Belmont wife has been murdered by the evil forces, and he is a member of a group of holy knights who protect the innocent against the supernatural.

Def Jam Rapstar — A music game based on hip-hop.

NBA 2K11 (Also on PS2 & PSP) — This years update of the long running Basketball franchise.

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction (Also on PSP) —Ultimatrix, the strongest Omnitrix yet, transforms Ben into more hyper-evolved alien forms. Travel many worldwide locales while searching for an ancient alien artifact.  

///PSN Game Releases///

Deadliest Warrior: The Game ($9.99) - Deadliest Warrior: The Game lets you pick from great historical warriors and go head to head in epic battles.

Alien Breed: Impact ($14.99) - Alien Breed: Impact is a science fiction arcade-shooter referencing much of the franchises back story.

Wakeboarding HD w/ Dynamic Theme – (Special Offer bundled with Dynamic Theme $9.99)
Rayman – Sale (PS3/PSP) (now $2.99, original price $5.99) **Part of the PlayStation 15th Anniversary Sale
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Resurgence Package – Sale (PS3) (now $7.49, original price $14.99)
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package – Sale (PS3) (now $7.49, original price $14.99)
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 French Resurgence Package – Sale (PS3) (now $7.49, original price $14.99) (Available to Canadian users)
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 French Stimulus Package – Sale (PS3) (now $7.49, original price $14.99) (Available to Canadian users)
Tetris – minis – Permanent Price Drop (PSP only) (now $4.99, original price $9.99)
Flying Tiger PSP Themes (x14) – Permanent Price Drop (now $1.49, original price $1.99)

 ///Game Demos///

Topatoi Demo
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Demo
Deadliest Warrior: The Game Trial
Alien Breed: Impact Trial

///PS One Imports///
Arcade Hits: Outlaws of the Lost Dynasty ($5.99)
Originally released in 1996 as Suiko Enbu in Japan.
Magical Drop F ($5.99)
Released in Japan in 1999 and was the last in the Magical Drop series by Data East.  

///Add-on Game Content///
EyePet – Robot Pack ($2.99)
EyePet – Fairy Pack (free)
BUZZ!: The 80′s Quiz ($5.99)
Sports Champions – Unlock All ($1.99)
Sports Champions – Haunted Pack ($4.99)
Medal of Honor – Online Pass ($9.99)
NHL 20th Anniversary Bauer Boost Pack ($6.99)
Clash of the Titans: Athena’s Request Quest Pack ($9.99)

///Rock Band///

“Children of the Revolution″ – T. Rex ($1.99)
“Cosmic Dancer” – T. Rex ($1.99)
“Jeepster” – T. Rex ($1.99)
“Driver 8″ – R.E.M. ($1.99)
“It’s the End of the World As We Know It (and I Feel Fine)” – R.E.M. ($1.99)
“Living Well is the Best Revenge” – R.E.M. ($1.99)
“Radio Free Europe” – R.E.M. ($1.99)
“Stand” – R.E.M. ($1.99)
“Superman” – R.E.M. ($1.99)*
“These Days” – R.E.M.($1.99)
“What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?” – R.E.M.($1.99)
R.E.M. Pack 1 ($13.49)
T.Rex Pack 1 ($5.49)  

///Rock Band Network///
“Betty and Me” – Jonathan Coulton ($1.99)
“Death Quota for Purification” – The Myriad Burial ($0.99)
“Hey There Mr. Brooks” – Asking Alexandria ($1.99)
“Infected Nation” – Evile ($1.99)
“Shallow Waters” – Amberian Dawn ($1.99)  


///Def Jam Rapstar///
“Bad Boy For Life” – Diddy ($1.99)
“I’m So Hood (Remix)” – DJ Khaled ($1.99)
“Paid in Full” – Eric B. & Rakim ($1.99)
“Low” – Flo Rida ($1.99)
“All The Above” – Maino ($1.99)
“Rapper’s Delight” – Sugarhill Gang ($1.99)  

///PlayStation Home///
PlayStation Home Advanced Pack ($9.99)
Nearly 50 individual Home items
PlayStation Home Expert Pack ($14.99)
Over 50 individual Home items  

Darkstalkers Avatars (x2) ($0.49)
Mega Man 10 Avatars (x3) ($0.49)
Street Fighter Avatars (x7) ($0.49)

///Game Videos///
Pulse 10/5 Edition
Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2 – Trailer #3
ModNation Racers – Artists Spotlight: Kazunori Yamauchi (GT5)
Mafia II – Jimmy’s Vendetta Trailer
Medal of Honor – High Value Target Trailer

///PS3 Themes///
Soaring Toasters Dynamic Theme ($2.99)

Swords & Soldiers – Viking
Swords & Soldiers – Chinese
Swords & Soldiers – Aztecs
UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves GOTY Wallpaper 1
UNCHARTED 2: Among Theives GOTY Wallpaper 2
PixelJunk Racers 2nd Lap Wallpaper # 4 

///PSP Minis///
Fort Commander: King’s Gambit – minis ($4.49)
Urbanix – minis ($4.99)
Apache: Overkill – minis ($2.99)
Actual Crimes: Jack the Ripper – minis ($3.99)
Shapo – minis ($4.99)

///PSP Add-on Game Content///
Gladiator Begins – Oar (free)
Gladiator Begins – Robot Gladiator (free)
Gladiator Begins – Samurai Gladiator (free)
Gladiator Begins – Stann Galea (free)
Gladiator Begins – Tuna (free)


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