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PSN Policies are a Changin’

Changes are coming to the PlayStation Network and they are set to ruin your life... if you're a pirate.  As of November 18th, downloaded game content will only be accessible to two activated systems for PlayStation Network users.  However, this does not affect any games purchased before the 18th.  In case you didn't know, PlayStation Network has always allowed you access to your purchased digital game content on up to five systems. 

This policy change affects both PS3 and PSP digital content.  The good news is, Sony is adding some convenience along with the changes.  Sony plans on providing a dedicated website for PSN users to activate or deactivate systems tied to their PSN account via the PC.  This is great news, as previously, deactivating a system required a call into the Sony PlayStation customer service group.  If you'd like to know more about deactivating/activating a system, you can go here.  Thank you to the PlayStation blog for providing the details for this story.


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