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PSN to be transferred to Sony Network Entertainment

A new Sony division has been created called Sony Network Entertainment America which is thought to be taking over the running of all network related functions on the PlayStation Network, including all account information. The main difference for existing PSN account holders is that you will be asked to agree to a new ToS (Terms of Service) and User Agreement before your account information, wallet, and billing information can be fully transferred over. Starting from April 1 the new division, SNEA, will take control of Sony’s existing online services from SCEA. This will include all things PSN related like games, movies, and music.

The change has been made in an effort to centralize Sony’s online entertainment services. It is not yet known how the creation of this new division will affect PSN in the future, but for the time being it will not have a large impact on the services that PSN provides.  


If you would like to look at the new User Agreement it can be viewed here.


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