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PSVita: Multiple Memory Cards Required for More Than One PSN Account

Gamers are
pretty enraged at how Sony is dealing with potential piracy on the PSVita

Following up to their previous statement regarding PSN accounts being one per
each device, Sony has now said this is not the case, but that if you do
wish to use multiple accounts on the handheld, it will cost you.  Each PSN account you have will be bound to
the first memory card you use it on and that card will then forever only be
able to be used by that unique account, unless you return the card to its
default factory state, erasing all the data you would have stored on it.  While this isn’t exactly the worst thing in
the world and probably is a relatively good way to deal with potential piracy,
legitimate customers are going to have to shell out a lot of money if they plan on using more than one account on a Vita.  Whether it’s something as simple as two friends
or siblings wanting to share a Vita and thus using their own accounts when they
log in or people who like to import where a foreign region account is required for
certain titles they get overseas, it’s pretty clear this isn’t news people will
be happy to find out.

I’m all for companies trying to
tackle piracy as it is a big issue in the gaming industry, but I swear 99% of
the time they seem to have no clue how to do it in such a way that the
good customers, the ones who deserve all the trust and respect, aren’t being hit
the hardest by business decisions such as these.

source: destructoid.com


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