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Publisher and Release Schedule Set For Gray Matter

The long-delayed adventure game Gray Matter finally has a North American publisher; Viva Media.  Although the game has already been released in Europe, until now the possibility of it coming to America was uncertain. 

Gray Matter was written and designed by Jane Jensen, the creator of the hugely popular Gabriel Knight series which defined the adventure genre for much of the nineties.   The last installment in that series was in 1999, and Jensen hasn’t made a game since.  Gray Matter has been in development in various forms since 2003 and has bounced around with a number of different developers before finally nesting with dtp Entertainment AG.
Gray Matter will play like a traditional point ‘n’ click adventure game, with 3d character models. It has a story about a female street magician named Samantha Everett who becomes the assistant to a reclusive neurologist who is haunted by the death of his wife.  As is typical with adventure games, mysteries will arise, and Samantha will have to unravel the secrets of Dr. Styles and his spooky mansion, Dread Hill House.

The game will be released in February for PC and XBox 360.  A playable demo of the European version, with English localization is available for PC at Gray Matter’s website.


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