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Publisher You Should Know: Archaia Press

With comic books mostly dominated by the big two in local comic book shops, it is sometimes difficult for the smaller publisher to get noticed in those same shops. That is why I am going to talk about  a smaller publisher that are doing great things in comics and why you should consider picking some of their great material up.

Archaia comic was founded in 2002 by Mark Symlie, as a home for his comic titled Artesia because the publisher that he was working for at the time wanted to publish his book in black in white instead of color.  He quickly published his book and other books like Mouseguard , and Robotika and the company became a big success over night. Now Archaia has over 30 titles that they publish. From famous properties like Fraggle Rock to creator own properties like Mouseguard and their Black Label book Lucid, Archaia has a vast selection of material for you to pick up.

What makes Archaia different from so many other publishers is that all their books rely on great story telling, awesome art, and originality.  These three things are what make every Archaia book so different and fresh from other publishers out there.  From the writing to the illustrations you can tell in their books the time, the love and effort that the creators put in their books.

A prime example of this execution is Mouseguard.  In each panel of the story you can feel Petersen work in the page, with every detail you can almost feel the time and work that Petersen puts into each panel.  The story is so well thought-out and presented to you that you cannot stop reading the great story that is presented to you.

And if the time and effort that the people in this great company are putting in is not enough, the list of creators that are working in this company on creator own works or on famous property is very impressive.  People like:  Larry Hama, David Petersen, Dan Fogler, Chris Magnum and Jim McCan are making this company a company worth investing your time ,sometimes I would dare say that their books are better than material from the big two.

Finally, the variety of books to choose from is amazing.  If you like action that reminds you a little bit of Halo then a book like Cyclops is for you.   You are into magic and crime, then Lucid is a book for your interest.  If you got kids and are looking for a book for all ages then maybe a book like Fraggle Rock or Berona’s War might be a book to give a shot.  The variety is amazing and I am always eager to give their books a chance because it’s more than just a book, it’s a gateway into a different world.


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