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Publisher You Should Know: Vertigo Comics

Comics published by Vertigo have a violent, grisly and intellectual appeal best suited for mature audiences unlike Vertigo’s parent company DC Comics – maybe you’ve heard of them? Beginning with Berger Vertigo was started by Karen Berger, an editor at DC comics.  Berger enjoyed horrific comics without the super-powered heroes DC publishes annually.  This passion of Berger’s inspired her to create Vertigo Comics with the help of several other editors.  Vertigo Comics began in 1993 and Karen Berger is still the executive editor. Karen Berger Executive Editor and Creator of Vertigo Comics DMZ: Set in the near future another civil war has been set into motion and Manhattan has become a demilitarized zone.  Photography Matthew Roth enters Manhatten for the first time for some pics and little Matty winds up an instant celebrity since he is the only news source inside the DMZ and the government isn’t too happy with him…  DMZ was one of the rare Vertigo titles that reached the 50 issue mark! DMZ Public Works Cover Fables: After being forced out of their homes, characters from various fables and folktales listened eagerly to by men and women as children have moved to New York City and created Fabletown.  Fables is a series that proves everyone didn’t live happily ever after when their stories came to a close.  The series led to numerous spin-offs featuring Jack Horner in Jack of Fables and Cinderella in Cinderlla: From Fabletown with Love. Fables Cover Hellblazer: John Constantine, a magician originally introduced in the Swamp Thing series, got his own series under the Vertigo print.  John is haunted by the ghosts of his friends and relatives and uses his deceitful nature to his advantage in battles.  The series has had several popular characters from DC make appearances including the mistress of magic Zatanna and John’s old pal the Swamp Thing. Hellblazer Cover John Constantine Preacher: Priest Jesse Custer was possessed by a being known as Genesis and became the most powerful being on earth, killing his entire congregation.  When he was finally free of Genesis, Jesse decided to travel the U.S. and look for God – unfortunately having to battle hordes of other religious creatures with his old girlfriend and an Irish vampire.  This title handled by Garth Ennis is renowned for stirring up controversy over its representation of religion – making it all the more popular for the rest of us!  A film of Preacher is currently in the works with D.J. Caruso (Disturbia, Eagle Eye) announced recently to direct the project. Preacher Jesse Custer The Sandman: The King of Dreams is captured and held prisoner for 70 years.  After escaping and taking his revenge he must rebuild his kingdom.  The series uses various types of mythology and switches between Dream’s world (known as “the Dreaming”) and the regular world.  When Sandman ended it was one of DC’s best-selling comics that created a chain of spin-offs, including Sandman Mystery Theatre and House of Mystery.  All together the series and spin-offs have won 16 Eisner Awards. The Sandman King of Dreams Cover Vertigo’s Acclaimed Writers The minds behind Vertigo’s titles are considered the best, brightest and boldest of the comics universe. Alan Moore: Moore is considered on of the best writer’s of this generation and has influenced numerous writers like Grant Morrison, Kurt Busiek and Neil Gaimen.  Moore created the now immensely popular comic series turned movie Watchmen, with V for Vendetta following in the same tracks and Swamp Thing. Alan Moore Face Palm Brian Wood: Wood started his career as a writer, illustrator and graphic designer (now that’s what I call multi-tasking) with his first series Channel Zero and has been quickly producing more comics and graphic novels to this day like the acclaimed Vertigo series DMZ and Northlanders.  He has earned many Eisner Awards and focuses on creator owner works. Brian Wood with DMZ Body of a Journalist Neil Gaiman: Gaiman began his writing comic books after he became friends with Alan Moore.  He has written many popular Vertigo stories like The Sandman and several titles for DC including the Batman R.I.P. story arc.      Neil Gaimen The Graveyard Book and Coraline Vertigo features some of the best writer’s that are not only focusing on the grislier and more realistic side of comics but also the more intellectual side, touching on various important themes and references many allusions in their works readers continue to enjoy today.  Check out some comic book reviews from Playeraffinity for several Vertigo titles: American Vampire #1 I, Zombie #1

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