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Publisher You Should Know: Wildstorm

Started in 1992, Wildstorm began as an imprint of Image Comics and later DC comics. The imprint met its end in 2010, but the characters from its universe continue to survive today, with the imprint leaving behind a great legacy accomplished during its eighteen-year lifespan. Wildstorm originated in Image Comics. Scott Williams created the imprint with his team Whilce Portacio (recognized for his violent poetic drawings – see Artifacts #8), artist Joe Chiodo, and Jim Lee. Under these creators, Wildstorm launched several titles, including WildC.A.T.s: Covert Action Teams and the popular series Gen 13.
Wildstorm introduced more content during "New Horizons." "New Horizons" saw Jim Lee's return to a monthly title and it led to two crossovers between Wildstorm and Marvel. Gen 13 was paired up with Generation X and WildC.A.T.s paired up with X-Men. DC Comcis' Wildstorm: The Authority featuring Midnighter and Apollo In 1999 DC Comics bought Wildstorm. They produced a popular and highly controversial new series: The Authority. Why was it controversial? The Authority took a similar world view as Watchmen and had two very important characters named Apollo and Midnighter from an older Wildstorm series known as Stormwatch. These two obvious clones of Batman and Superman announced they were gay in The Authority #7. When they got married, the comic book story made several news headlines – and not just the comic ones. Wildstorm decided to become a more "mature material" producing company in 2002, and ended several series to start several more mature ones. This led to even more crossovers, two between the Authority and Lobo (because when you want mature, you get Lobo), and several other crossovers featuring Wildstorms' Majestic and Planetary and DC Comics' Batman and Superman. DC Comics crossover with Wildstorm: Captain Atom Armageddon Wildstorm started their second launch with a nine issue mini-series Captain Atom: Armageddon. It featured DC Comics character Captain Atom, who was trapped inside of the Wildstorm Universe. During this reboot (which many fans have declared a "disaster" for the company and softened the blow of its closing), Wildstorm brought back deceased characters (because comic book characters never truly die – ever). Shortly after this reboot, Wildstorm was revealed to be DC's 50th Earth of DC's alternate universe.

In 2010 Wildstorm ended. But while DC Comics closed the name, everything else remained. The executive of Wildstorm announced the characters would not be gone forever and everyone working for Wildstorm were given jobs at parent company DC Comics. Many were surprised the imprint lasted as long as it did. DC Comics is known for buying up other imprints for the sake of killing off characters and their competition, including Wildstorm.

This is Wildstorm featuring characters from DC Comics imprint Wildstorm

Anyone see a "Books to Read from Wildstorm" coming in the future?


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