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Punisher Goes to War

After a week of “This Is War” teaser images from Marvel Comics, we get our answer as to whose war it is. Ultron? No. This is the return of Punisher: War Zone.

Further details than that aren’t available yet and probably won’t be for another couple of weeks. Is this a new series or a new mini-event? Who is the creative team? I can’t tell you for sure yet.

My theory? Punisher: War Zone will be a retitling or relaunch of the current Punisher ongoing series by Greg Rucka and Marco Checchetto. I doubt it’s any coincidence that the series double ships in September and concludes its current story arc. Hell, the solicitation for issue 16 flat out says that it sets up War Zone.

As fantastic as the book has been, sales of Punisher haven’t been stellar. It is definitely floating in the numbers range where cancellation is a likely possibility. A high profile relaunch or event like this would do the character and creative team some favors in that regard.

The biggest question for me is whether the creative team of Rucka and Checchetto will carry over into Punisher: War Zone, if it is what I speculate it to be. Without them, my interest in it will crash and burn.


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