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Punisher Photos Leak

For years, Hollywood has struggled to adapt Marvel’s The Punisher from the comics pages to the screen—no fewer than three Punisher films have been made and all failed to capture the public’s imagination. That is, until Jon Bernthal came along. His grim, uncompromising portrayal of Frank Castle in Season 2 of the Netflix series Daredevil was so impressive that rumors quickly surfaced that the character would receive a series of his own. Thus far, no series release date has been announced, but Just Jared has uncovered new set photos that strongly suggest that Netflix has begun filming a series starring the Punisher. punisher-just-jared-set-photo Interestingly enough, the set photos show Bernthal with a heavy beard, which is a look he’s been known to sport occasionally in the comics. Perhaps Frank has decided to go incognito following the events of Daredevil? Adding fuel to the speculation fire was the recent revelation that Ben Barnes (Chronicles of Narnia) has been cast in a “mystery role”; some have speculated that Barnes may play Microchip, who is an ally of the Punisher in the comics and supplies him with his weaponry. If Netflix does indeed air a Punisher series, it would likely come in 2019, keeping to Netflix's reported two Marvel series per year commitment. Currently, Iron Fist and The Defenders premiere sometime in 2017, while the third season of Daredevil and season two of Jessica Jones are set for 2018. Are you interested in seeing a Punisher series on Netflix? If so, let us know in the comments below or tweet us at @EntertainFuse!


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