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Puppeteer European PS3 Demo Coming Soon

A playable demo for the up and coming title, Puppeteer, will soon be made available to European PS3 owners. 

Gavin Moore, the game’s director posted the news yesterday on the PlayStation EU blog saying, “In preparation for release, I’m happy to announce that a playable demo demonstrating the essence of Puppeteer’s gameplay will be made available in Europe prior to launch.”

He also added, “We plan on packing loads of content into the demo and we hope it will give you a great idea of how the finished game will feel when it hits PlayStation 3 on September 11th.” A release date for the European demo was not mentioned, but a brief demo is already out on the Japanese Playstation Store if you want a taste of what to expect for the longer demo in Europe.

Puppeteer is a platformer being developed by SCE Japan Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment, which will be exclusively available to the PS3 .

The story follows Kutaro, a young boy who has been made into a puppet guard by the evil king of the realm Moon Bear King. His job or rather yours, is to regain your head and return home. 

Kutaro however will not be alone on this venture as a ghostly playable cat named Ying Yang aids him, along with a magical pair of scissors stolen off the King called Calibrus, which you can use to attack enemies.

Puppeteer is scheduled for a September 10th release in North America, with a European date slated for the day after.


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