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Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition Announced for 3DS

"Confirmed for North America as well!"
One of the most popular mobile games in Japan, Puzzle & Dragons, will be getting a Mario-esque makeover on 3DS later this year.

With 35 million downloads on Japanese mobile phones, six million downloads on Western ones and a million-plus-selling 3DS installment, GungHo's hit mashup of RPG and puzzle is not unlike that found in Puzzle Quest over here with a mix of Bejeweled on the bottom screen and Dragon Quest on the top. The Japanese announcement was a big deal and involved Shigeru Miyamoto and GungHo's CEO Kazuki Morishita, and both companies know that this game will most likely sell well into the seven-digit mark thanks to the popularity of the two brands.
The game is slated for April 29th release in Japan, and GungHo's Twitter account revealed a North American release later this year as well.


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