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Supergiant Games’ Pyre Revealed

"Latest addition from Supergiant Games announced"
Supergiant Games, creators of the ever-popular indie games Bastion and Transistor, have recently revealed their third project, Pyre. By the looks of it, Supergiant shows no intention of letting the reputation earned from their aforementioned titles get the better of them. https://youtu.be/FvxfmnrNj2U Supergiant revealed that Pyre will follow in the atmospheric footsteps that both Bastion and Transistor have left behind. The trailer and screenshots that they provided certainly back up their promise. The story of Pyre will focus on a group of exiles who take part in a large competition. The prize – a ticket back home. Pyre_01 Pyre promises to feature fast-paced action, a large cast of characters, and a large emphasis on decision-making. You can look forward to experiencing the latest addition to Supergiant’s library on Steam and the PlayStation 4 next year, but it also be playable at PAX East this weekend.


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