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Quantic Dream’s New Projects

With the popularity of Heavy Rain it’s no surprise that Quantic Dream has announced that they are working on not one, but two new games.  They have been known for their very unique game play ideas dating back to Indigo Prophecy and, according to David Cage the founder of Quantic Dream, they want to keep shocking their audience with new ideas. 

“We are not going to play it safe from now, we are going to use this credibility to continue to take risks, give ourselves exciting challenges and try to invent new ways of playing.”

With so many games out there trying to copy what everyone out there likes, it’s good to see a developer take some risks and go for something new.  It is a challenge and can sometimes be a disappointment (Mirror’s Edge anyone?), but it can pay off as well.  Quantic Dream has a pretty good track record so far and we look forward to their next game. 

As for whether or not these games will be at all tied in to their other releases is unknown, but I feel like the chances are pretty slim.  They are very different games according to Cage but he hasn’t given any real details past that.  So expect to hear more news about their games in the near future.


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