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Quantum Theory Preview

Quantum Theory is an “Epic” departure from the Dynasty Warriors games that have been Tecmo Koei’s claim to fame for years. No, seriously. This game looks like it was stolen from Epic Games’ designer offices. Instead of a sprawling landscape filled with thousands of feudal soldiers, Quantum Theory is a third-person shooter that has been nicknamed “The Japanese Gears of War” by many who have followed the game’s development and progress. That moniker could turn out to be more accurate than expected if the demo is a good indication of the final product. The game mimics the “roadie run”, the control scheme, the weapon interface, the cover system, the look button and even the soundtrack feels like you’re listening to a Gears tribute band.

 You play as Syd because the name “Marcus” was already taken. As a Gillskin warrior, it is Syd’s duty to forge deep into an evil tower which is responsible for a mutating aura referred to as “The Diablosis”. Whenever these strange towers appear, the local inhabitants either perish or morph into corrupted monsters called “Nosferatu”. Clad in bulky, thoroughly chewed up armor, Syd barks out quips and insults while scoring head shots or blowing up a cluster of enemies. He also has a stylish “X” carved into his forehead. The developers probably thought this looked cooler than a tattoo that reads “brain insert here”.

His cache of weaponry includes rifles, shotguns and rocket launchers, but they all have a distinct, otherworldly design to them that almost look like medieval hood ornaments. Who wouldn’t want a gun that looks like a giant, metal dragon head? Syd isn’t just limited to fire-breathing firearms, however. With the help of his svelte and athletic partner Filena, Syd can implement her as a human projectile that instantly kills most enemies she hits granted you can aim quickly enough before Syd hurls her across the battlefield. She fights alongside you throughout the demo as well, but you should feel secure knowing that your only friend inside the tower is light enough to be picked up and thrown at people.

Filena is believed to be one of the Nosferatu that Syd has been battling for years, but she denies being affiliated with them which suggests that there might be a plethora of other races and clans coexisting within the tower walls. There is a moment briefly in the demo during a firefight when a group of Gillskin soldiers rush in from the sides and attack both you and the other Nosferatu in the area so the tower seems to house nothing but complete chaos. The tower itself is also an enemy. The tower is alive and changes its terrain in order to prevent Syd and Filena from destroying the corrupting structure for good. We will have to wait until Fall of 2010 to discover all of the tower’s secrets, that is, if Tecmo Koei doesn’t get sued before then.


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