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R. Crumb’s Devil Girl Candy Tins

May 24, 2010 - Los Angeles - BOOM! Town, an imprint of BOOM! Studios, announced today R. CRUMB'S DEVIL GIRL™ HOT KISSES are coming to the direct market this July. 

Here’s something that’s really different! Everyone knows who Robert Crumb is, especially with his Biblical graphic novel Genesis topping best-seller lists. But what other cartoonist has his own candy? What’s really cool is that DEVIL GIRL™ HOT KISSES comes in the neatest imaginable round tin with Crumb graphics on all sides. The candy itself is cinnamon flavored hearts. Each tin is priced at just $3.99, and if you’re a serious collector, you can get an entire P.O.P. (point-of-purchase display box) designed by Crumb: a dozen tins in a super-cool die-cut box adorned with long-tongued and long legged Devil Girl imagery that will make visiting collectors drool with envy. Ships in July and carries a Diamond code of MAY100868.REPUGLICANS.

“These Crumb tins were Kitchen Sink Press’s best seller during its final year of existence, which is why Robert and I brought them back again with minor changes,” notes publisher Denis Kitchen. “Whether or not you even like the hot candy, the tin is a throwback to the sturdy and beautifully designed product containers from eons ago. You can of course put it in your display case, but some use an extra Devil Girl tin as a special ‘stash’ box. And younger male friends tell me in all sincerity that offering Devil Girl hearts never fails to impress women.”

R. CRUMB'S DEVIL GIRL™ HOT KISSES is presented to you by BOOM! Town through an arrangement with Denis Kitchen and Denis Kitchen Publishing.                                             


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