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Radical Makes the NY Times Business Front Page

Radical Comics is making a splash on the NY Times business page with a piece on the companies Publisher Barry Levine. The piece talks about Radical's deals with Disney, Dreamwave and Fox, but Levine isn't able to go into details about which deals would be green-lite first. Levine has the heart of comics at mind though as he loves to rip off his shirt and show off his Hercules tattoo, one of Radical's first and most successful graphic novels.

The piece also deals with Radical's early days of celebrity tie-ins that were heavily criticized for plagiarism. Radical has also moved into mobile games with iphone games based off their mini-series such as Shrapnel Hubris, and has moved into the world of music as well. The funny thing about the article is that when it actually came to discussing money, Levine was tight-lipped about how much the company was actually worth. To read the full article you can do so here.
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