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Rage Delayed to October

If you're a fan of id's Rage, you've been waiting for a really long time for it to be released, 7 years to be exact. This will be the first intellectual property of id to appear on consoles since 1996's Quake, so there's some understandable hype, anticipation, and excitement. However, id has delayed Rage from it's original release date on September 13th, 2011 to October 4th, 2011. 

This delay gives id a little more time to polish Rage, which I welcome. id has always released polished products for their time, and I would hate to see that trend tarnished here just to make the release window. However, this delay also puts Rage up against some big, AAA games being launched on the same day, including Dark Souls, The Darkness II, Twisted Metal, and NBA 2K12

is set to be a big project for id, and it will be id's first open world game. Set in the post-apocalypse, it casts the player as a survivor of this apocalypse. This survivor has just emerged from one of several arks where humans have survived, and been subsequently outfitted with performance enhancing nano-technology and long range weaponry such as assault rifles and rocket launchers. The game is based on the id Tech 5 engine, the latest game engine designed by id's chief technical officer John Carmack. 

We'll be sure to post more news on Rage as it comes. 


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