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RAGE Gets Release Date

id Software has a long history in the first-person shooter genre, masterminding two of the longest running and most popular franchises, Quake and Doom. It's no surprise, then, that their upcoming post-apocalyptic shooter, Rage, has been on plenty of radars since its announcement three years ago at QuakeCon 2007. Now, id has finally issued a release date for the game: September 13th 2011 for the US and September 15th 2011 for Europe.

In addition to the standard shooter elements, Rage will feature an in depth driving mechanic, allowing the player to enter their vehicles into races, and put their winnings towards upgrades and customizations. The game will also feature RPG elements, including an inventory system and different weapon options.

As for the setting, id's apocalypse of choice will be an asteroid, with many humans surviving courtesy of "Arks;" giant cryo-pods beneath the Earth's surface. Mutants will apparently serve as the enemy for the first half of the game at least, with the developer talking of a major change around the mid-point.

There is no definitive word on multiplayer, though expect it to have a significant suite of options, considering id's history.

Rage received plenty of "Best of" awards for this years E3, so if it isn't already, mark it on your "important upcoming releases" list.


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