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id Software was once a huge name in the video game industry but in recent years they have been more of a dormant volcano, working away at DOOM 4 and RAGE since before a certain modern military infantry simulator managed to dominate the industry.  RAGE is the first new game franchise from id in over a decade and it is going to be an open-world first person shooter set in a post apocalyptic land not unlike Borderlands and Fallout. 

The story in RAGE is unique among post apocalyptic games in that there isn't a zombie or nuclear weapon in sight. The game is set in a near future where modern civilization was wiped out by an asteroid called Apophis and the remaining groups of humankind were cryogenically frozen in large underground stations called Arks, which sound very similiar to the Vaults from the Fallout games. These survivors then emerge six years later and begin rebuilding civilization. RAGE has you playing as one of these survivors.


id’s previous games have all generally revolved around the act of shooting enemies. Whether they be Nazi’s, Aliens or Demons, the "shooting things in the face" idea is a common theme in id Software’s previous games. Where RAGE differs from id’s previous games is that RAGE will also feature driving elements that have been described as similar to the Burnout or Motorstorm games. The races look reminiscent of chase scenes in Mad Max, and players will be able to customize and upgrade their vehicles.

Obviously, the core of any id software game is shooting stuff, and RAGE will provide fans with plenty of that gamer past-time. As players go through RAGE, they will have the opportunity to craft new kinds of weapons and modify existing ones. They will also be able to utilize the environment to dispatch enemies similar to Bioshock. While RAGE won’t be as nearly as much of a post-apocalyptic RPG as Borderlands and Fallout, it will feature a few RPG elements such as an inventory system and customizable weapons. 

RAGE looks to be the most ambitious of id software's game so far, and not just in gameplay terms. id has hinted that roughly halfway through RAGE there will be a major plot twist that will completely change the direction of the plot and this indicates that id are putting far more effort into the story of RAGE than they have with previous games. 
RAGE is going to be powered by the new id Tech 5 engine and this will make a dynamic and unique world for gamers using the new MegaTexture technology. This new tech will bring RAGE’s post apocalyptic world to life in stunning detail that showcases the game’s art style which leans slightly more towards reality than Borderlands.  

RAGE is a game that has been in development for a long time and it looks to be well worth the wait. It will be great to see id software back in the shooter scene. RAGE is set to hit the shelves September 13th 2011 for PC, 360 and PS3.


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