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Raiden Joins Evil Cole in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

On the back of yesterday’s first gameplay trailer for ‘binary man’ Evil Cole MacGrath, Sony Santa Monica have revealed the latest addition to the game’s lively roster. Raiden from the upcoming Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is now officially in.

In a new video interview from GameSpot, lead designer Seth Killian let Raiden loose on the awesome Uncharted/Bioshock map. He notes Raiden’s abilities as a huge combo character who can do critical damage to an individual in particular. It’s certainly an attribute that takes tips from the MGS character and his actions within the game. This, after all, is post-MGS3, white-blooded, butt-kicking, Raiden. In another neat touch (something of a constant in this great looking title), Raiden’s level three special move sees his opponents trapped within cardboard boxes. Raiden also has almost double the number of move combos that other characters possess, lending to his highly offensive style.

Of course, this official reveal comes along side the newest trailer featuring Evil Cole MacGrath from Infamous. With an awesome ‘soul-sucking’ level three special move and the ability to hover, he’s another welcome addition (if a little strange of an addition considering Good Cole is already part of the game). You can check out his reveal trailer below.


PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is shaping up to be a surprisingly good title. Certainly when it was announced a few months back few saw it as little more than a Super Smash Bros. clone. But with only a couple of months until release features such as the impressive roster, associated partnership deals and the brilliant cross-buy system, this has only the gameplay itself to bring it down. Here’s hoping that turns out just as well.


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