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You Missed that Webcomic?! Rapture Burgers Chapter One

Usually we have "You Missed that Issue?1" where I talk about an obscure comic book that deserves more recognition. What's a better description for a good webcomic than obscure? Webcomics are an abundant breed and I rarely find ones that I can get invested in. But there are some great webcomics out there and I have managed to find one in Rapture Burgers. A teenage boy named Camille decides to take over the world after a break-up with his girlfriend Rose and some prodding from a dream. Or is it reality? Who cares! Camille certainly doesn't as he starts plotting how to take over the world... after he gets a good trench coat, of course. Rapture Burgers Chapter One Page 1 Writers Chris Hill and Adam Douglas open on a quick but funny dream sequence and keep the jokes coming. There is the usual unnecessary cussing but it's never over-the-top and there isn't any toilet humor (OK, there was one about a dog...). It's silly humor that never had me laughing out loud but that I think can appeal to people who have that silly, sometimes corny funny bone. There are funny clothing montages, diabolical schemes and multiple characters full of personality. Even a girl with a bit part as the thrift store clerk was a fun character. Also, while the story doesn't seem realistic, the characters feel real. It's about a guy who overreacts to his girlfriend breaking up with him. Plus I can imagine kids in the real world pretending to speak Spanish to get out of their chores which happens a couple times in this comic. Some flaws would be the positions of some of the dialogue boxes, specifically a couple between Camille and his nosy sister. It took me out of the comic when I saw them. Rapture Burgers Chapter One Clothing montage Mimi Alves artwork has a quirky manga style. The characters have pretty big heads (and I mean that literally and figuratively for some people) and bulging eyes. While it may not sound appealing, it actually is pretty good. Definitely above your average webcomic scribbles. Especially since Alves does a great job showing the emotions on characters faces. Camille's expressions are almost always priceless and reflect his character: an over exaggerated character whose eyes follow suit whenever he's expressing shock and useful shadows are implemented when Camille is diabolically plotting. The backgrounds are very basic and closer to the webcomic art you would expect to see, but the main focus is put on the characters. The manga feel is also furthered by the fact that the comic is not in color, it is in black, white and grey. Just like with manga, I sometimes wish it was in color. Especially since I love how Camille has bizarrely colored blue hair (a fact you wouldn't even know if you didn't see the cover). Rapture Burgers Chapter One Humor Panel Humor is subjective so there's a chance Rapture Burgers won't hit your funny bone. But I thought chapter one of Rapture Burgers was an amusing romp and it does not feel like a free webcomic. But it is. Go to Rapture Burgers official site and you can start reading this for free to see if your funny bone gets shattered. To start with chapter one, click here. However, the creators are planning on releasing the first six chapters in print (with some fixes) and combining them in print and are probably going to self-publish it. When that happens, please support these funny guys and gal.


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