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Rare Working on Multiple Xbox 720 Games?

Rare recently posted a job listing (which has since been taken down) for a senior product manager to work on “multiple AAA future console releases,” Computer and Video Games reported, and these “future releases” might be based on the FPS genre.

"Whilst continual development of their core releases will be maintained, the successful candidate will be joining at a time where the studio is looking to move into new areas and develop new IPs for future platforms," the listing said. “…You will have a successful history of releasing exceptional AAA games and these will ideally be in the Action/Adventure or FPS genre but this is not essential."

Another job listing for an experienced principal program manager is still live. This listing reads, “You will provide leadership to a triple A product team, manage other program managers, plan, execute and finalize projects according to strict deadlines and within budget.”

It seems that Rare is gearing up for something (or somethings) big. While Rare is looking to expand to new IPs, the listing suggests that they will still be working on Kinect titles such as Kinect Sports.


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