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Rayman Legends’ Challenge Mode Coming this Month; Devs Added More Content to Full Game

To lessen the sting of delaying Rayman Legends two weeks before release just to port it to Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, Ubisoft announced that Wii U owners would receive an exclusive demo of the game. Nintendo announced in a press release today that the demo will be hitting later this month.

The challenge mode will have four levels, and will include the Wii U-exclusive level "Murfy's Dungeon." Ubisoft will add new challenges for these levels on a daily and weekly basis and each challenge will have their own leaderboard.

Later in the day, the Official Nintendo Magazine released an interview with Rayman creator Michel Ancel and Ubisoft’s Senior Game Manager Michael Micholic about the game’s delay. Ancel said that he “wasn’t shocked about the backlash,” and that the delay was as difficult to them as much as the fans.

However, Micholic made sure that fans would be rewarded for the delay.

"Trust me,” said Micholic. “The things we are adding aren't minor. We're not talking about adding some polish here and there, but 30 new levels and several new bosses."

Rayman Legends’ challenge mode will hit the Wii U eShop later this month. The full game will release this September.


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