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Rayman Legends to Include Origins Levels, Soccer Minigame

If Rayman Legends didn’t look amazing enough, Ubisoft just announced some sweet extras that’ll be included in the final product.

In addition to the thirty-plus extra levels that Ubisoft Montpellier were able to add to Legends since the half-year delay, but they also slapped forty levels from Rayman Origins. These levels are accessible from the start and are not needed to complete the game.

Also added is a soccer-like minigame, Kung Foot. Using the gameplay of Rayman Legends, players must whack a large soccer ball in their opponent’s goal located on the sides of the screen. A silly side dish to mess around with friends, this mode was originally after the completion of Rayman Origins for the developers to fool around in the office.

Rayman Legends is due to release on September 3rd for Wii U, Vita, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360.


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