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Razer Announces Starcraft and Tron Peripherals

PC Peripheral-makers, Razer have unveiled two new lines of gaming-optimized accessories; one based on Starcraft II, and the other on Tron.  Both include a high-performance mouse and keyboard, while the Starcraft II series has a headset and messenger bag, while Tron has a special luminescent mouse mat.

The Starcraft II headset, called The Banshee after one of vehicles in the game, goes for $119.99, and it has a color-coded “Actions Per Minute” system which lets players know how efficiently they’re using their time.  The same API lighting system is present in the Marauder keyboard (Also $119.99) which also has backlit, laser-etched keys and a reduced desktop footprint.  The Spectre mouse ($79.99) also uses APM lighting as well, has five buttons, 5600 Dpi and a gold-plated usb connection.  The Starcraft series also has a Zerg-themed Messenger bag.  This line-up will be available November 11th.

The new Tron game won’t be out until December, but when it is, fans could play it using Razer’s Tron-themed mouse and keyboard.  Razer and Tron both use blue glowing lights in their design, so the Tron series seems very at home with Razer.   The backlit keyboard has keys that use the same font as the Tron logo, and it will play sounds from the movie.  It has a detachable numeric keypad that can be put on the left or right side of the board, or removed to save space.  The mouse is 5600 dpi and has seven buttons; it’s also ambidextrous, so lefties might be interested in these peripherals, even if they don’t care for Tron. 

There is also a mouse mat that creates a luminescent rail behind your mousw, similar to the trails left behind by the Light Cycles in the Tron films.  The Tron series doesn’t have pricing or a release date yet, but should be out in early December to coincide with the release of the Tron: Evolution game for PC.  

More on both product lines can be found at www.razerzone.com.



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