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Razer Tiamat – Best of Breed?

Last week, I reviewed the Razer Megalodon USB headset. However, Razer's newest headset, the analog Tiamat 7.1, looks to blow it out of the water.

In its press release, and in the announced information for the Tiamat 7.1, Razer proudly announces that this headset features a total of 10 drivers for true surround sound in the headset: subwoofer, front, side, rear – all of these with 2 drivers at each position. But more exciting than the drivers is the fact that the Tiamat will allow for customizing each audio channel to one's exact liking using the included control unit (which looks slightly similar in form factor to the control unit of the Razer Megalodon). This looks to be great for a number of applications
imagine playing a movie in 7.1 surround sound with this headset, or even things as simple as listening to podcasts.

The Tiamat will also have a unidirectional microphone, similar to the USB Megalodon, but the Tiamat's will be retractable (whereas the Megalodon's is not).

I know that I just reviewed the Megalodon and commended it for its spectacular audio performance, but if this headset lives up to its hype, Razer's Tiamat looks to surpass the high standard that the Megalodon has set.

Gamers and audiophiles everywhere
be on the lookout.

Tiamat is coming.


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