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Razer Unveils Gaming Netbook: The Switchblade

Razer, a company which has previously been known for making gaming peripherals like mice and keyboards, has unveiled their new concept gaming netbook, codenamed: Switchblade.  In a video which is positively riddled with hyperbole, Razer CEO Min Liang Tan describes it as "Phenomenal" and a work of "Sheer Genius", while Razer President Robert Krackoff then goes on to explain that it "Magically" adapts its OLED keyboard to suit whatever game you're playing.

Even though there are no magical fairies living inside the product, there are still some interesting concepts beneath all of those unsubstantiated superlatives. OLED keyboards have been around for a while, but this is the first time they've been built into a netbook, with a touchscreen, and dedicated to gaming. Each key on the Switchblade's keyboard is actually a tiny screen, and it can display a picture of anything on them, including the normal letters of a "Qwery" keyboard, or icons for in-game powers, or arrow keys to represent movement controls.  There is some nifty footage below, of the Switchblade in action.

It is just a concept design at this point, not a retail product. Exact tech specs haven't been announced, nor has pricing or availability.
  While you can't buy it yet, you can see a little more about the Switchblade on Razer's website.


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