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Razer Unveils New Tablet PC ForGamers

Razer showed off their new prototype gaming tablet today.  Project Fiona is a small touchscreen computer like many others, but Fiona has a pair of game controllers built in on either side letting players take on more complex games than Smurf Village and Angry Birds.

Fiona has a 10.1 inch screen which makes it half an inch bigger than an iPad.  It also has a resolution of 1280x800 making it a little sharper too.   It uses the typical accelerometer and touchscreen for games, but it has a pair of handles with analog sticks and thumb buttons so that games can be played with a control set-up akin to console gamepads, complete with force feedback!

No, you can't have one, this is just a prototype and isn't on the market yet. You can learn more about Fiona on Razer's website and you can see it in action with the video below.


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